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Green roofs are dynamic, living systems.  Our process is dynamic as well, ultimately driven by our goal to realize each client’s vision.  All of our services benefit from a holistic understanding of how these systems function over time.  This allows us to approach each project at any stage in its development from concept through establishment.



Our customized maintenance plans are tailored to the specific conditions of the site and respond to the changing needs of each green roof throughout its life cycle.  Reflecting our commitment to the environment, we take an organic approach to maintenance by avoiding all pesticides and herbicides, composting all garden debris, and limiting the use of large trucks and heavy machinery.  Our skilled horticultural professionals also install and maintain complex irrigation systems.



Our projects range in size and character, from bid-build to design-build projects for individuals, companies and municipalities.  We have strong connections with green roof and waterproofing system providers both locally and nationally.  At New York Green Roofs, we strive to stay current on available technologies, LEED and other performance criteria, and federal, state and local incentives.  We collaborate with owners, design professionals, general contractors, and construction managers throughout the building process to ensure successful implementation that is on budget and on time.



Our background in building and maintaining green roofs, which serves to ensure projects that are not just beautiful, but also well crafted and easily maintained, drives our design aesthetic.  We employ a collaborative design relationship with each client to ensure that the resulting design reflects his or her unique tastes and performance goals.  We offer design assistance and consultation services for architects, landscape architects, and engineering firms.  Throughout the design process, we have the ability to produce a range of deliverables such as computer-aided technical drawings, perspective renderings, and illustrated plans.

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